Team Charleston Spouses Club


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​TCSC is a Private Organization.
It is not apart of the Department of Defense, nor any of its components, and it has no government status.


The mission of this organization is to bring military spouses together
for social, charitable, and educational purposes. TCSC membership is
open to all spouses associated with Joint Base Charleston to include
the following: spouses of all ranks of active duty, reserve, and retired
service members; spouses of deceased or missing service members;
and spouses of civil service members. The TCSC is governed by an
Executive Board (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer); 

This Board also appoints Committee Chairpersons, such as: Scholarships,

Publicity, Consignment Shop, Welfare, Social, Budget, Cookie Drop, and

others as deemed necessary.

Social - Our club meets monthly for a rousing night of Bunco. (Never heard of bunco? It's a no-skill dice game where you roll three dice in one hand and carry on a conversation with ever changing table mates. It really is a neat way to meet a lot of people in a low pressure environment.) We will also get together for lunches, movies, coffee-dates, playdates, ladies night at the gun range, tours of downtown, art & wine nights ... and the best part about our group is if there is something that you'd like to do but don't want to go alone, speak up! More than likely we can arrange plans to get a group to go. The 2017-2018 Dues Structure, which is based on your sponsors rank, is as follows:

                              E1-E5: $25      E6-E9: $35      All Officers: $45     Retired: $35     DOD/Base Civilian: $45      Missing/KIA: Free

Charitable - This side of our group is made possible by the wonderful volunteers of our sister-organization, the Joint Base Charleston Air Base Consignment Shop. (Located across the street from the Air Base Gas Station, near the Commissary and BX.) The JBC Consignment Shop has been operating for over 35 years, has over 30 dedicated volunteers contributing over 1,000 hours per month, is a 501c3 nonprofit and accepts tax deductible donations. The consignment shop works on a 30/70 split, where if an item that you consigned is sold, the shop keeps 30% of the price you set, and you get 70%. Through the sale of the amazing items that our consignors bring in, as well as generous donations, the consignment shop in conjunction with the Team Charleston Spouses Club is able to regularly donate funds to base-specific as well as greater Charleston-area organizations, such as Airmen Against Drunk Driving, Compass, The Lowcountry Food Bank, the youth centers on both the Naval Weapons Station & AFB, stocking the shelves of the on base food panty, and many, many more.  We also regularly donate the items that just haven't sold to the places where they'll serve the most good: formal dresses go to the Cinderella Project where low-income high school girls receive free prom dresses and accessories; non-formal clothing goes to My Sisters House, which is a local women's shelter; books go to a local library where they are then used to fill mobile-library shelves. The biggest labor of love between the volunteers of the Consignment Shop and TCSC is our scholarship program, The Silver Wings Scholarship. In 2017 seven lucky winners split $15,000, and in the past five years we've given out over $70,000 in college scholarships to deserving dependent children and spouses of Joint Base Charleston. 

Educational - the majority of our board are all volunteers elsewhere on base - some are Air Force Key Spouses, some lead Compass classes which are designed as crash-courses into all things Navy life. These wonderful ladies are always in the know about where to go for whatever your question about military life may be, and are usually on top of the life-skills class offerings from the base. If you ever need to ask a question or don't want to attend a class or event alone - these are the best people to ask as none of their sponsors are in command of a squadron, a unit or of the base, so you can trust that your problem will never get back to your spouses command.