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TCSC is a Private Organization.
It is not apart of the Department of Defense, nor any of its components, and it has no government status.

Welcome to our new members, our returning members, and our visitors, too! We are so excited for the year ahead, and, rest assured, we are working hard to make the events and programs the best they've ever been! Whether you are new to JBC, a base "regular," or call JBC a repeat assignment, we are glad you've found us! It is our hope that you join us in making TCSC a flourishing spouses club and a place where spouses can connect and thrive here at JBC!

Team Charleston Spouses Club

Do you enjoy serving your base community? Do you have special talents, or years of a professional background that would help shape the future of TCSC? Are you bored and looking for a way to get out of the house and meet people at the same time? Are you new to the military life and are looking for a way to jump in?

If you answered yes to any of the above, please consider running for an elected board seat for the 2017-2018 club year.

We are currently accepting nominations for the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.   Please click the purple button for more information about each role.


Nominations are due March 15 and should be submitted to

(Nominations MUST be submitted to this email address. Verbal or hand written noms will not be counted.)

All persons nominated will be contacted to officially accept or decline before their name appears on the April ballots. 

 Elections will be on the 20th of April at the monthly social. 

All other positions within our club are appointed by the board. If there is something that you'd like to do next year please send an email to with where you think you'd best fit and the new board will contact you over the summer. 

2016-2017 TCSC Board 

President - Patty Tate

Vice President - Amanda Box

Secretary - Jill Oelke

Treasurer - Cindy Larkin

Parliamentarian - Jaclyn Petersen

Membership - Tiffany Rodriguez, Katheryne Lowe

Publicity - Kristen Neukom

Scholarship - Kristen Neukom

​Advisors - Nancy Lyman, Amy Berg, Kathy Gilmour, Joy Canlas, Marietta Cole

2015-2016 TCSC Board

President - Kristen Neukom

Treasurer - Stacy Ledford

Secretary - Courtney Weir

Parliamentarian - Ellen Wham

Membership - Patty Tate

Social Chair - Jaclyn Petersen

Scholarship Chair - Kristen Neukom

Consignment Shop Liaison - Ellen Wham

Advisors - Nancy Lyman, Becky Lamontagne, Sharon Bronson, Amy Berg, Kathy Gilmour

2014-2015 TCSC Board

President - Tonya Prentiss 

Vice President - Kristen Neukom

Treasurer - Stacy Ledford

Secretary - Courtney Weir

Parliamentarian - Ellen Wham

Publicity - Tia Croskey

Membership - Jessica Davis

Consignment Shop Manager - Barbara Willis 

Auction Co-Chair - Courtney Weir

Scholarship - Kristen Neukom 

Advisors - Michele Devore, Becky Lamontagne, Lisa Hughes, Sharon Bronson

2013-2014 TCSC Board 

President - Tonya Prentiss

Vice President - Kristen Neukom

Treasurer - Lauren Wilkes

Secretary - Michelle Knox

Parliamentarian - Ellen Wham

Membership - Crystal Froehlich

Scholarship -  Alli Wagner

Advisors - Michele Devore, Kim Miller, Lisa Hughes

2012-2013 TCSC Board 

President - Anne Reynolds-Smith

Vice President - Kristen Neukom

Secretary - Peggy Phillips

Treasurer - Angela Fuhrman

Parliamentarian - Ellen Wham

Publicity - Nikki Weeks

Scholarship - Katee Smith

Volunteer Coordinator - Jessica Davis

Welfare Committee - Tiffany Craven

Mini Club Chair - Niki Malphrus

Auction Chair - Tonya Prentiss

Advisors - Phylis McComb, Kim Miller, Dani Fontanella, Tina Hartford