Welcome to our new members, our returning members, and our visitors, too! We are so excited for the year ahead, and, rest assured, we are working hard to make the events and programs the best they've ever been! Whether you are new to JBC, a base "regular," or call JBC a repeat assignment, we are glad you've found us! It is our hope that you join us in making TCSC a flourishing spouses club and a place where spouses can connect and thrive here at JBC!

Do you enjoy serving your base community? Do you have special talents, or years of a professional background that would help shape the future of TCSC? Are you bored and looking for a way to get out of the house and meet people at the same time? Are you new to the military life and are looking for a way to jump in?

If you answered yes to any of the above, please consider volunteering for a board or committee chair position. If there is something that you like to do or you have a special talent and a passion for getting involved in your community, we can work you in. Non-elected positions within our club are appointed by the board, so if there is something that you'd like to do next year please send an email to parliamentarian@teamcharlestonspousesclub.com with where you think you'd best fit and the new board will contact you over the summer. Open board and chair positions will be announced at our 2017-2018 Club Year Kick Off Event on the 29th of August. 

Team Charleston Spouses Club

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2017-2018 TCSC Board

President - Amanda B.

Vice President - Katheryne L.

​Secretary - Patty T.

Treasurer - Cindy L.

Parliamentarian - Mallory S.

Membership - Jill O.

Publicity - Kristen N.

Scholarship - Kristen N.

​Advisors - Kathy G., Joy C., Marietta C., Courtney N. 

2016-2017 TCSC Board 

President - Patty T.

Vice President - Amanda B. 

Secretary - Jill O.

Treasurer - Cindy L.

Parliamentarian - Jaclyn P.

Membership - Tiffany R., Katheryne L.

Publicity - Kristen N.

Scholarship - Kristen N.

​Advisors - Nancy L., Amy B., Kathy G., Joy C., Marietta C.

2015-2016 TCSC Board

President - Kristen N.

Treasurer - Stacy L.

Secretary - Courtney W.

Parliamentarian - Ellen W.

Membership - Patty T.

Social Chair - Jaclyn P.

Scholarship Chair - Kristen N.

Consignment Shop Liaison - Ellen W.

Advisors - Nancy L., Becky L., Sharon B., Amy B., Kathy G.

2014-2015 TCSC Board

President - Tonya P. 

Vice President - Kristen N. 

Treasurer - Stacy L. 

Secretary - Courtney W.

Parliamentarian - Ellen W.

Publicity - Tia C.

Membership - Jessica D.

Consignment Shop Manager - Barbara W. 

Auction Co-Chair - Courtney W. 

Scholarship - Kristen N. 

Advisors - Michele D., Becky L., Lisa H., Sharon B.

2013-2014 TCSC Board 

President - Tonya P.

Vice President - Kristen N.

Treasurer - Lauren W.

Secretary - Michelle K.

Parliamentarian - Ellen W.

Membership - Crystal F.

Scholarship -  Alli W.

Advisors - Michele D., Kim M., Lisa H.

2012-2013 TCSC Board 

President - Anne R.S.

Vice President - Kristen N.

Secretary - Peggy P.

Treasurer - Angela F.

Parliamentarian - Ellen W.

Publicity - Nikki W.

Scholarship - Katee S.

Volunteer Coordinator - Jessica D.

Welfare Committee - Tiffany C.

Mini Club Chair - Niki M.

Auction Chair - Tonya P.

Advisors - Phylis McC, Kim M., Dani F., Tina H.